ACDSee Pro helps photographers and computer graphics professionals to keep their workflow well-organized, save time and achieve only the very best results. It was designed to reduce the time, cost and complexity of the post-production workflow.
With Mapi for Gmail®, Gmail becomes your default mailing app on your Operating System: Whether you right-click a doc and select "Send > Mail recipient" or use "File > Send as attachment" feature of your preferred software, Gmail will automatically open in a new message having the document already attached to it !
SQL-RD provides incremental capabilities that supercharge productivity and reduce administrative costs. If your end users are not receiving reports on time or they contain errors or are out of date, then this solution will help enormously.
InPixio develops simple-to-use photo software allowing users to correct, retouch or improve their photos because we love photos! Our software helps photo enthusiasts to delete and erase objects, create photo montages, increase the size of images.