If you love celebrating colours and festivities with great pomp and show, Kerala is a perfect option to fit in the preference of all kind of people.This land of diversity is rich in heritage and has numerous festivals celebrations which depict vibrant colours, have striking fragrances, and involve heart touching music, old norms and traditions.
Destinations: Bangalore, Hassan, Shravanabelagola, Mysore, Srirangapatna Karnataka, though better known for its hi-tech IT industry, has an invigorating cultural profile deep-rooted in marvellous history and heritage. From enchanting royal palaces to inimitable temple architecture, the state promises an exclusive rendezvous with the outstanding expressions embossed on the cultural landscape. On this tour, get ready to explore the unsurpassable charm of Karnataka’s historical and religious monuments that are no less than the unbelievable wonders.
The more closely you watch it, the more you change your perceptions about deserts. Rajasthan, the desert state and the land of grand forts and palaces, inimitable culture and ever-smiling people, is among the most generous hosts of Indian tourism. Interestingly, there is lot more than the marvellous royal structures and scintillating cultural performances for including in Rajasthan adventure holiday packages.
Are you a newly married couple looking to a mesmerising honeymoon in the hills? India is blessed with some of the most beautiful hill stations in the world, go through 7 Best Hill Stations For Honeymoon In India that provide an ultimate backdrop of romanticism and tranquillity for your honeymoon. Tucked far away from the hustle and bustle of modern cities, hillstations in India offer a blissful concoction of salubrious weather, breathtaking landscapes, limitless hospitality and a perfect ambience to indulge into love and passion.Catering to the interests of discerning honeymooners, WaytoIndi
India is a land of paradoxes. With such incredible diversity, India is a country that amazes and mesmerises. Here are some interesting and amazing facts about India that you might have never heard of.
India is a land of amazing contrasts. It is the melting pot of diverse cultures, colours and charisma that will simply live you spellbound. From breathtaking beauty of the Himalayas to the tropical lush greenery of Kerala, from rich culture and heritage of Rajasthan to vast stretches of tea plantations in the East, from majestic Thar Desert to the sacred Ganges, India is eclectic, exotic, elegant and extravagant that appeals to every traveller. For travel aficionados, the country presents unparalleled beauty, fascinating architectural splendours from the pages of ancient history, vibrant citi
Have you ever flown over the mountains in a Helicopter ? No ? Then you must plan your Badrinath Yatra By Helicopter. A Yatra that takes you to one of the most pious Hindu pilgrimages in the scenic Himalayas. You would be fascinated by the lofty snow clad peaks on your Yatra to Badrinath by helicopter.This blog shares with you all the information relating to how to reach Badrinath by helicopter.
Head for this chic rooftop beer garden and get flattered by the ambience ready to leave you stunned. The open sky lounge with a combination of high chairs and couches is a perfect beer-tasting venue for the families as well as friend groups. Plan your visit as it begins to dawn to catch the amazing views of the sky changing its colours. Expect to breathe in absolutely fresh breeze at this outstanding venue.
India has a fascinating history that can be traced back to more than 5000 years; filled with cultural and legendary treasures to boost! India is a land gifted with great heritage wealth comprising of varied cultures, abundant art and alluring mysticism that attracts people from all over the globe to experience the magic.
India – The mystical motherland with deep-rooted traditions and culture is blessed with numerous holy shrines and Hindu temples. It is a spiritual haven and place of origin to one of the oldest religions in the world-Hinduism.
Annoyed by an unrewarding routine, you might often desire to escape and find refuge somewhere you can reinvent yourself in peace and solitude. Or, you might develop the urge to isolate from the world with your life partner and spend some comforting time embracing each other.
Karnataka, often eclipsed by the more popular tourist destinations like Mumbai, Goa and Kerala in the close vicinity, stays relatively unexplored. Surprisingly, Karnataka tourist places list unmatchable monuments, crowd-free beaches, serene hill stations and treasure troves of rich biodiversity.