The Holy Prophet (SAW) said,” The distribution of one piece of Date (Arabic fruit) for pure Divine is better than the gold’s distribution to realize spendthrift.
In the very start period the Mosque was consisted on open-air building which served community center a court and a religious school where Islamic teachings were made sure. But the later on the Mosque was opulently expanded as well as richly decorated in different caliph’s eras.
Five Islam’s Pillars including Umrah are scientifically proved that these all have tremendous importance earthly as well as henceforth. However, if you want to become the success in all domains you must perform all pillars of Islam including Umrah as it is the removal of all previous sins.
Islam is a true religion and does not clarify the facts until they are not logically provable. As well as to prove the myth in Sikhism about Kaaba is not possible as it could not be proved scientifically.
There are several religious destinations to visit in Medina which are highly appreciated from the pilgrims all over the world as to reveal the hidden facts. You are scholarly allowed to visit them but after performing the Umrah.
If you are planning to perform Umrah and want to visit the House of Allah, the best choice is Islamic Travel UK. The religious outing holds more an incentive in an actual existence of Muslim than some other Expedition. Muslims in the UK can take finish preferred standpoint of the occasions and invest the great energy at the best occasion goal through Islamic Travel.
To follow the Sunnah of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) is the ultimate goal of every Muslim brother and sisters no matter which part of the world they belonged and taking the children on this religious expedition of Umrah well there is nothing beautiful act like it. For this purpose, our Guidelines for small children before going to Umrah will help you performing this religious obligation with peace of mind and heart.
After performing the Umrah if you do not return with special gifts such as Ajwa Dates, Zamzam, or Itar it means you are disappointing your families because they are anxiously waiting such sacred items.
Since the God promises that He will rescue the Kaaba and its particulars from enemy that’s why despite of stealing the Black Stone it was safely set off its original dwell.
Cave of Thawr is the most visited spot by the plenty of pilgrims after the proceeding Umrah. It sympathetically depict that how the God rescued his beloved Messenger the Holy Prophet (SAW) from the Quraysh’s chiefs who had the intension of assassination.
The Holy Quran is a divine book of Muslim Ummah and a complete code of a life. There is a solution to every problem in it. Muslims recite it daily and recall the Allah and His golden words. It is a 4th noble Book that is revealed on Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).
In the Holy Quran God says, which interpretations is that: Pagan try to find some of complicated verses so that they could change them easily to disseminate the people from Islam. Not only such unbeliever can be found in older days but in all times, for example Myth of seven circumbulation around the Kaaba is being interpreted in wrong direction.