You have decided to bring a pet into your life soon and you want to make sure you are offering her the best life you possibly can. This makes you wonder – why is it so important to bond with your pet?
You have a pet that needs your care and it's important to you that you are there for her. How can you make the most of your pet care budget in order to give her what she needs?
Did you know that chickens like to eat rice? Make sure the rice is cooked and at nice room temperature before serving. For especially cold days outdoors, prepare your chickens some rice in a shallow bowl, add a bit of warm water to keep it moist and place the bowl in the hen house. For more information visit the website.
You have a pet at home who is depending on you to care for her regardless of the price points you see at your local pet store. How can you save some money on pet supplies?
You have a pet in your life who loves you very much and you have formed a deep connection with her. How can you make sure you are giving her the attention she needs and deserves?
Did you know that a hamster has 16 teeth? It may not look like the many from the front because he usually has two or four prominent teeth showing when he eats. However, he has a mouth full of teeth inside his mouth.
Did your dog get into something smelly while playing around outside? It’s possible he encountered a skunk or just simply took a roll in some animal droppings or a nice fresh mud pit.
Heartworms are some of the most dangerous pests out there that can harm our animal companions. Unfortunately, there are several myths floating around that simply aren’t true! In order to learn more articles, visit the website.
While premium pet food are formulated to meet all the nutritional needs of pets, there are certain conditions that can prevent or limit the available of certain vitamins. This may start from the processing of the product, packaging, storage, and even transport.
Pet cats and dogs can suffer from calcium deficiency, too. A chronic mild deficiency of calcium can eventually pave the way for degenerative problems that involve not only the bones but also major organs of the body like the heart and urinary system.
As pet cats and dogs enter their twilight years, they undergo distinct behavior changes as their bodies start to deteriorate physically, mentally, emotionally, and physiologically. They may start wandering around confused.
The biggest factor that can predispose the formation of bladder stones in dogs and cats is over-saturation of crystals in the urine. The oversaturation may be attributed to an increase in the kidney’s excretion of crystals, changes in the pH of the urine, or an increase in the reabsorption of water by the kidneys.