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Cosmo Films Ltd is one of the leading Packaging Film Manufacturers all across the globe. We deals in all kind of Plastic film, coex film, cold seal film and more. Our Packaging films are used by the world’s best flexible packaging manufacturers, servicing leading global FMCG brands, because we are able to provide a solution for every needs.
Enhanced barrier properties are critical for packaging films to preserve, protect and extend the shelf life of the packaged products. Cosmo Films has developed an array of barrier films and food packaging solutions for various applications. These barrier solutions ensure that food products reach consumers with the same freshness with which the products left the factory.
We understand the importance of the role the Label plays in creating brand value, besides distinguishing the company’s product from the competition, and ensuring legibility of the information printed on it. Our range of coated product label films enable complete information legibility on a constricted surface area available for the brand presentation.
Synthetic Paper is a replacement of paper in applications where durability and longevity is desired. It is a co-extruded, white opaque, polypropylene based film which resembles paper in appearance. It is non-tearable, has moisture & chemical resistance and excellent lay flatness. The versatility of synthetic paper is reflected in the vast number of applications where it can be used, such as commercial printing, tags & labels, retail & packaging and outdoors.
I travel all over the world with my daughter Anna to produce travel documentary for travel aficionados like you. My daughter is an excellent traveler and her enthusiasm for discovering the world has really inspired me to produce such great travel films. For any further information about my travel documentaries, contact@travel-films.com
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Save Environment Token, commonly known as SET dedicates its efforts towards saving Humanity from the ill-effects of pollution and global warming. SET aims to achieve this through multiple strategies…
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Cuanto mayor sea su configuración, cuanta más memoria RAM que toman, y el más lento es el equipo va a funcionar. Además, no es demasiado caro.
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