Sandwich Elisa is one of the popular types of Elsia test. This test was first used to determine HIV (Human immune virus). It is generally performed at the back of the hands or inside the elbow. Read to know about purpose of using Sandwich Elisa.
Completing an Elisa test isn't a simple assignment. Numerous issues could happen while doing a test. False outcomes may happen if antibodies cross-react with a random antigen in the sample. In this way, to maintain a strategic distance from all issues read Elisa principle and procedure.
An ELISA plate coating protocol for assays are sensitive to interfering substances. So, due to a small mistake, the results could be changed. Study Elisa principle and ELISA troubleshooting tips before using it. Boster Bio has explained it in a very good way. Visit our website to get knowledge of what you are searching about Elisa.