Elisa test is done to know the number of antibodies in any sample. It is used for medical purposes also. Elisa Test Procedure is painless. It is done to test any disease in a blood sample.
ELISA test procedure kit used for detecting antigen in any given sample. It is also used for cancer that measures the prostatic acid phosphatase (PAP) in the plasma and serum of a human. If you are not professional in using Elisa kit, then study about Elisa principle and Elisa sample preparation in detail. Boster Biological Technology has explained this concept in a very good way on its site.
Elisa principle is a method used to measure the antigen concentration level of an unknown sample. IT is like a diagnostic tool in pathology or medicines related to plants. Study Elisa Principle before using Elisa kit. Boster bio is a well known antibody and Elisa kit manufacturer in USA. Visit our website, to know more about us.
If you are looking for a convenient Elisa kit, you have reached the right place. These products ensure sensitive quantitation and are convenient for a wide range of targets.