Some dogs ride in the car with no problem, while your dog gets sick in the car. Your dog may suffer from motion sickness but it is more likely that he gets sick because he is nervous and anxious about riding in the car.
Exercise helps keep your dog’s joints and muscles supple and strong while preventing cardiovascular disease and obesity. Exercise is great for bonding with your dog too. Hiking provides great exercise for both you and your dog.
Your dog is a big part of your family and you are proud to introduce him to guests when they enter into your home. How can you help houseguests and your little fur ball get along well?
You have wanted to bring a dog into your life for a while now and you feel that there are a lot of opportunities to add a little fur ball to your family. However, you aren’t sure which of these are the right opportunities for your family.
Your dog loves to play and you can’t help wanting to offer him some attention when you feel like having some fun. You’ve noticed that there are a lot of toys he happily heads toward when it’s time to play, but there are also others that he ignores entirely. Why does he prefer some toys over others?
Your dog is an excellent companion and you love being able to spend so much time with him. He is a very social creature and wants to interact with you all the time. If you want to know more, read the complete topic.
Your dog is a wonderful companion and it’s important to you that he is able to utilize the correct pet supplies to meet his needs. This makes you wonder - should your dog be utilizing an orthopedic bed? If you want to know more, click on the given link.
Your puppy is a big part of your life and you want to make sure you are able to be there for her to offer guidance when she needs it. You’ve noticed that she tends to bite during play sessions with your family members. Why is this and how can you stop her from doing so?
You share your home with a wonderful dog but you know that he craves an area that is just for himself. You think a crate would offer this to him. How can you choose the ideal option for your canine companion?
Your family wants to bring a pet home soon and you are looking at all the different pet options out there to determine what you can handle for care. This makes you wonder – what should you know about looking after a dog?
Your dog needs to be able to enjoy his time in your care and you want to make sure he has a ton of fun when playtime rolls around. How can you make sure this is an enjoyable activity for both of you?
Your dog is a big part of your life and you love her dearly. How can you show her how you feel?