Dogs have a tendency to produce gunk and buildup around their eyes due to allergies, illness, etc. Keeping the gunk out of the eye and ensuring the eyes stay clean and clear is of utmost importance.
Watery eyes in dogs can be common for a numerous amount of reasons. Some dogs will have watery eyes due to allergies. Some dogs may have watery eyes because their eyes are trying to naturally flush out debris from the environment.
If your dog’s eyes are watery or he is blinking quickly then he could have a scratch on his eye or something stuck in his eye. The best way to handle this is to call your vet and seek guidance over the phone. Your vet may ask you to check your dog’s eye for debris.
Are your dog's nails getting long? One of the first signs of nails in need of a trim is excessive scratching or scraping on the ground and even dragging of the feet. If it's time for a trim, you can schedule an appointment with you groomer, have your vet do it or trim the nails yourself.
If you own a large breed dog like the German Shepherd, Burmese Mountain Dog, or even Standard Poodle then you have heard of a genetic health condition that can affect large dogs.
Is your dog having trouble eating his food on a regular basis? If he tries to eat but steps away he could be having trouble chewing or even be in pain when eating. You should call your vet to schedule an exam. If your dog is nibbling on the food, but not finishing it then he may not be interested.
If you have an insulated porch that you feel comfortable staying on for long periods of time in the cold winter months then it would be fine for your outside dog to stay on too. If the porch is cool and uncomfortable for you then consider heating it so your outside dog will be comfortable and can stay there for long periods of time.
Looking for a durable, heavy duty for your small dog? Check local pet stores as well as outdoor sporting good stores and grain and feed stores. They tend to carry more durable coats made for outside conditions.
You have a wonderful canine companion that you care for and you love her dearly. You want her to know how much you care about her, so you take the time to care for her to the best of your ability and include her in family activities. Does she see your relationship differently than you do?
You share your life with a wonderful little fur ball and you think a dog house would help her enjoy her time in your backyard a bit more. What should you be aware of when choosing one for your little fur ball?
You have a wonderful dog in your life and you are happy to offer her the supplies she needs to stay safe. What should you look for when choosing a collar?
You have a canine companion in your life and you are thinking about purchasing a dog house for her. Why have these become so popular?