Your dog loves to explore his surroundings, but there are likely some places that he tends to spend more time in than others. Why does he choose these areas?
You have a dog at home who loves being able to munch on something delicious whenever he gets the opportunity to. This means that he is always on the lookout for treats. Why should you monitor how much of them he is eating?
You are looking after a wonderful canine companion and you can’t help but notice that there are a lot of ways that he changes as time passes. How can you make sure you are properly caring for him at each life stage?
Your dog is an excellent companion and you love being by her side. She is a very social pet and sometimes you wonder if you are ready to care for another pet right alongside her. How can you tell if she is ready for another companion as well?
You have a dog at home who needs you to be there for him and you are eager to help him meet his exercise needs. How can you make sure you are doing so?
Did you know that puppies are born without teeth and slowly develop them as they age? Like people they first develop baby teeth. They will have 28 baby teeth in all. This is eight more than humans when they’re born.
Yes, you can feed apples to your dog, but make sure you feed them in moderation. Many dogs enjoy juicy apples. The peel is a great source of fiber as is the fruit itself. Avoid feeding your dog the seeds or pit of the apple, however.
Socializing your dog is a necessity so that your dog can interact with other people and other dogs or animals without signs of aggression. Dogs that are socialized from a young age do well when in situations with other pets.
In short, yes, your outside dog definitely needs a vet. Whether your dog lives indoors or outdoors, in the cold regions or tropics, it’s important that he has a vet. Dogs need to be vaccinated yearly in order to stay health.
Does your dog eat his own poop? Don’t worry that’s quite common and not much to be worried about. If your dog eats his own poop every now and again it’s not a problem. However, if your dog is constantly eating his own poop then you should probably give your vet a call and schedule a visit.
Did you know that broccoli is a healthy addition to a dog’s meal or as a treat? Dogs can eat broccoli as long as it does not contain any spices, seasonings, artificial flavors, and other ingredients that are toxic to dogs or can cause digestive upsets.
When you come in from outside with your dog, you’ve got more to do than hang his leash on a hook beside the door. There are all kinds of things he can drag in, and you want to make sure he doesn’t! In order to learn more articles, visit the website.