Bird flu (Avian flu) is a viral disease that usually affects poultry and wild birds. But did you knwo that there are certain strains of the bird flu virus that can infect other animal species, like the cat? Also, there have been deaths in humans which have been linked to H5N1 after close contact with infected birds and contaminate objects and/or surfaces.
The Sphynx cat conjures up thoughts of the ancient Egyptians and exotic adventures… how much do you really know about this fascinating feline? Learn more about the Sphynx in this article from a Lafayette, LA veterinarian.Or visit the website.
Your cat needs a way to stay safe when out and about and a carrier can be a great way to give her a space she can all her own when she is away from home. How can you choose a cat carrier for your pet?
You are going to have a new kitten to look after soon and you want to make sure you are offering your new companion a comfortable family life. How can you get to know her so this can happen?
Your cat loves to spend her time with you and this allows you to see a lot of her habits and to get to know her preferences. This makes you wonder – what makes her purr?
It is a fact that low-grade chronic dehydration is common in pet cats. Even with domestication, their low-thirst drive is still very strong; it is a trait passed on to them by their ancestors who had to adapt skills in order to survive the wild.
Your cat enjoys relaxing throughout the day and she needs a lot of rest to stay happy and healthy. In order to know more, visit the given link.
Does your cat scratch on your furniture ? Your cat spends a lot of time in your home and this means that she makes an effort to meet her needs within this space. To learn more, read the complete article.
Yes, feline diabetes can be the cause of many secondary illnesses within a cat including heart related issues. Diabetes in general occurs when there isn’t enough insulin produced in a cat’s body.
Your cat is still new to your home but you already love her quite a bit. How can you help her create an amazing life in your care?
Your cat is a big part of your life and you want to make sure you are able to help her stay hydrated so she can stay as healthy as she can be. How can you help her with this?
Your cat needs to be able to count on her food to keep her strong and healthy so you want to make sure this is something she can really get the most out of. How can you tell if she is eating the right food?