Does your cat like to go outdoors for walks in all kinds of weather? If so, make sure she’s dressed accordingly. Obviously in the warmer months your cat will be fine with her own fur coat. Just make sure there is plenty of fresh water accessible during the day.
If you lose power in the middle of the winter make sure you have a backup plan for yourself and your pets. If you have a cat that has a thick coat (i.e. a Maine Coon) he will probably be well in the colder temperatures.
Not all cats will need a coat or blanket for the winter time. However, if your cat has little to no fur (i.e. Siamese) then he may need some extra warmth when going outdoors for any length of time. You can help him stay warm by providing a warm blanket or coat.
It is a sad fact that many cat parents still believe myths and old wives tales when it comes to taking care of their cat’s needs. This has led to many unfortunate situations that can even put a cat’s health and well-being in danger.
Diabetes mellitus in cats is more than just keeping their blood sugar under control. There is a need to manage their diet and follow the veterinarian's instructions when it comes to giving medication.
Many cats suffer from chronic, low-grade dehydration because of their poor water intake. These cats eventually develop serious health issues that can put them in danger.
Cats are wary of items they are not familiar with, so if you are planning to leash-train your kitty, the first step is to introduce the leash and the harness. When buying one, make sure it is designed specifically for cats.
Does your cat wake you up with his persistent meowing long before your alarm clock rings? Even with domestication, cats still possess a strong instinct to wake up at dawn to hunt for prey. This is a habit that they have inherited from their wild ancestors who had to hunt during the cooler hours of the day.
Aggressive behavior in cats may be triggered by the presence of a perceived threat. Fear and anxiety can bring on their fight or flight mode. Depending on the situation, the cat displays specific body language to avoid any conflict or threaten the potential threat.
You have a wonderful cat at home who you love to spend time with. You know how much she loves to play and you want to make sure she has all the toy options she needs available to her. How can you choose items she will actually use?
You have a furry friend sharing your home with you and you love that you are able to look after her day in and day out. What can you do to give her fur some attention too?
Felines can be peculiar creatures. There are numerous breeds of felines to boot. The American Bobtail is a unique cat in that he is exceptionally friendly and sociable. If you want to know more, read the complete topic.