A lack of proper maternal behavior is typically a behavioral issue. The lack of or over-display of maternal behavior toward her kittens is something that should not be taken lightly. With the help of a veterinarian, there is a need to identify what is causing the mother cat to behave that way.
Cases of fibrosarcoma in cats have been linked to vaccinations. It is an aggressive type of cancer that can occur at the site where the vaccine was injected. The good news is, it is very rare; experts estimate about 1 in every 10,000 vaccinations.
Is your cat avoiding her litter box and instead eliminating on your floor? You’ll want to find out what’s causing this behavior so that you can put a stop to it promptly. Visit the website for more information.
Does your cat prefer to drink water from the sink? Maybe she doesn’t want it straight from the faucet, but she likes for you to leave water in the sink bowl or leave a bowl of sink water out for her. This is OK as long as you keep the water clean.
There’s nothing wrong with your cat drinking from the faucet. Whether it’s the kitchen sink or bathroom sink, cats have a tendency to gravitate to the faucets for their daily water needs.
If you’ve owned a cat at any point in your life then you’re probably familiar with how neat or messy your cat is when he eats and drinks. Some cats may leave no trace of ever being in the house.
Did you know that the type of bowl you choose to use for your cat’s water does actually matter? Some cats can be extremely picky when it comes to their water bowl.
Eye contact is intuitive to people as a way to show interest in each other. However, cats may see eye contact as threatening and avoid looking at you.
Your cat communicates using body language especially with tail. If you understand your cat’s tail language, you can learn how she is feeling. When your cat is relaxed, she will hold her tail upright to show that she is happy to see you.
People often identify as either cat or dog people. If you identify as a cat person you may display obvious behaviors of cats such as curiosity and improvisation. Cat people think of themselves as creative and non-linear thinkers.
You have a cat in your life who is by your side quite often and you are happy to listen to her purr day after day. However, you are still a bit confused about the motivation behind this behavior. Why does your pet purr?
You have a cat at home who you love dearly and you want her to be happy in your care. However, this can be a bit difficult for her as she tends to get scared easily. Why is this?