If your Siberian cat or other breed of feline friend is having occasional bouts of diarrhea or constipation, give your vet a call to schedule an exam. Your vet needs to examine your cat to rule out any serious illnesses.
Are you familiar with FeLV? FeLV stands for Feline Leukemia Virus. It is a common virus that affects cats like the Korat and other feline breeds. It is highly contagious among cats, but it cannot be contracted by people or dogs.
Heartworms are a serious threat to cats like the Korat. It’s important to have your cat tested annually for heartworms and to have your cat on a monthly heartworm prevention medication.
Your cat needs to rest often. Her body requires a lot of sleep, so she will likely nap throughout the day. How can you offer her a nice place to relax?
Your cat is an excellent companion and you feel a deep connection with her. This means that you understand your pet well. However, it doesn’t mean that you get every single thing she does when she does it. For example – why does your pet need to scratch?
Your cat may be a friendly creature, but she often needs some time to herself. Why is this? Your cat may sneak of in search of some solitude quite regularly. This helps her take a break from her surroundings and relax a bit.
Your dog needs you to take the time to play with her each and every day. How can you choose toys for her that will help her enjoy this time together? Playtime is not only fun, but also an engaging way to interact with your pet, help her get some exercise, and allow your little fur ball to try some new skills.
Your cat needs you to offer her the safest pet supply items you can find, and this means finding her a collar with a break-away feature when purchasing this type of item for her to utilize. If you want to know more, click on the given link.
Your kitten has different nutritional needs than an adult cat. Kittenhood is a period of rapid growth. Your cat’s weight will double during the first few weeks of life. Plus she will continue growing during the first year of life.
Your cat needs access to fresh, clean water at all times to prevent dehydration, kidney problems and other internal issues. Picking the right bowl ensures that she actually drinks her water. Plastic bowls may smell odd and tip over more easily than a ceramic bowl.
Your cat will scratch, chew and lick herself excessively if she has fleas. These skin irritations can cause a loss of hair and systemic issues. Fleas also carry diseases that can make your cat very ill. Even your indoor cat can get fleas. Fleas can get into your home while hitching a ride on your clothing or other pets.
Pet cats have a relatively easy life compared to their ancerstors who had to withstand the harsh environment, having to hunt for food and protect themselves from potential predators. As pets, cats don’t have to hunt so they can eat, their owners have the responsibility of providing them with premium pet food.