Let it be clear to the public that the company has never been involved in criminal or illegal activities in any country or territory of operations, including in the Republic of Bulgaria. The company and its partners have always openly declared their willingness to cooperate with regulators, governmental organizations and media, and provide any information that would be useful in clarifying any confusion or suspicion, related to their business activities.
Payments Company American Express is expanding its work with blockchain, recent statements and details on job posting shows.
The Swiss City of Zug, also known for its proactive support of the blockchain industry, is starting a voting pilot that will base both residents’ IDs and polling system on the blockchain technology.
As per the patent application filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)  and issued on Thursday. Mastercard has come up with a conveyance and retrieval processes to verify customer payment credentials over a “publicly accessible blockchain.”
While an increased reality mobile app used to gather funny-looking, digital critters could sound in a senseless (or useless) service to re-architect with blockchain, the developers at ethereum startup FOAM settle on making a fascinating case.
Dakuce will use Blockchain technology for the betterment of the crypto-exchange industry which will serve a new level of service to its users. The project ‘Dakuce,’ is getting a lot of traction from…
China Mobile Corporation, a standout amongst the three state-owned telecommunications pioneer in the country, is exploring the utilization of ledger technology inside its core mobile data business.
President of China Xi Jinping openly praised blockchain throughout in his speech during an event, as the technology proceeds to bond itself in the country’s future arrangements.
To clear out all doubts about OneCoin lacking transparency, we would like to point out that this is a centralized cryptocurrency, thus providing higher liquidity and less volatility with a long-term vision and strategy for a stable development, unlike other cryptocurrencies that open and allow possible speculation from traders.
Chinese Tech giant Tencent has collaborated with the Tax officials of the city of Shenzhen to use blockchain tech in the fight against tax evasion.
American Express taps Hyperledger’s Blockchain to make its Membership Rewards Program more versatile, marking the first application of blockchain application of blockchain technology to a major U.S. financial service loyalty program.
Bank of America wins a patent for a way to control access to specific features of a permissioned blockchain network, recently published document shows.