Both Switzerland and Israel have made plans to become a part of the new venture which aims to share experiences of regulating the blockchain technology.
The chief accountant of SEC has said the entities, that deal in primarily digital assets, need to abide by the accounting standards.
The blockchain industry is quickly replacing humans. To take up blockchain as a career, one must posses expert computer skills and a deep knowledge of programming in order to get a rewarding career in this field.
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The official OneCoin website reports that the Court of Nürnberg-Fürth has stopped the prosecution of OneCoin and its related companies. Different public prosecutors have accused the OneCoin brand of “unfair competition” business model and pyramid scheme practices. is a blockchain website that strive to be the leading digital information company for blockchain technology, news and bitcoin blockchain. If you want to know all the latest news and update on blockchain news and blockchain technology, then is one of the best website to visit. For more details visit us at
Bruno Wu, A Chinese Billionaire is planning to build a cryptocurrency hub in Hartford, Connecticut. This FinTech college will cost upwards of $300 million.
In the U.S., blockchain investments in the first half of 2018 has topped last year’s total blockchain investments, a study by KPMG showed.
Onecoin has 1 year to deliver payment gateway solutions to the unbanked areas as well as banked, you can not see that future demand right now cause not all is delivered. But who knows what we will see in 1 year and who knows what demand they could attract.
A San Francisco based startup, Elevated Consciousness has been acquired by Ernst & Young. Notably, the California startup focuses on digital currency.
Dona Coin enables people to give back to the community through donations. Their motto is making the world a little better This platform is built on
In just two years OneCoin has become one of the most important virtual currencies on the market, aiming to become the first global mainstream cryptocurrency. Beside creating a stable currency, compliant with all regulations, OneCoin has created an ecosystem around its coin, aiming to increase its usability.