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Accenture, the Dublin-based global consultancy firm has struck a partnership with Thales Group, a French multinational aerospace firm. As per the press release from July 16, 2018, this move was planned to integrate blockchain technology to the aircraft supply chain.
In this world where everyone is chasing after money, there’s a platform which takes an alternative approach. Instead of focusing efforts on generating profits, SET is dedicated toward saving humanity…
When you determine an area, it becomes simpler for you to deal with their demands and therefore you could work in the direction of building a secure cryptocurrency instead of going haywire with just what you want to achieve.
Solarisbank expanded its services and introduced a new banking service plan known as the ‘solarisBank Blockchain Factory’.
IBM has published a new patent application which describes a way for developers to catalog coding updates and milestones on a blockchain.
Local news outlet Malta Today reported Malta had passed three bills that establish a regulatory framework for Blockchain Technology. The bills include the Innovative Technological Arrangement and Services Act, the Virtual Financial Asset Act and the Malta Digital Innovation Authority Act.
As per the new patent filing, E-commerce giant Alibaba has been seeking blockchain technology to speed up international payments.
Based on her experience, Dr. Ruja has developed the OneCoin concept and decided to create a company that offers more opportunities for investors and merchants, which will avoid many of the imperfections that exist in other cryptocurrencies.
Based on this decision of fundamental significance, this accusation, earlier expressed by several German public prosecutor’s offices, concerning the violation of the subject regulation of § 16 UWG by the OneCoin business model and the OneCoin companies, has been refuted to the fullest extent.