While a mobile app is still thought of as an extravagant element to spark up a business, here we’ve penned down the ways it can help to grow the sales with the minimum time span.

Change is inevitable and that is the only thing to help you keep coping with the emerging business scenario. So, if big brands and companies are readily adopting the technology of apps and grabbing up the majority of pie in the market, you too need a solid app developed to go hand in hand with them. While to help you, finding the right strategy of application, i.e. an Android or iOS app or a cross-platform is th
This article speaks about the principal features that should be provided in a finance app to make it feasible, safe and secure.

The finance industry has been going through major upswings over the past decades and the emergence of Fintech, a term made by combining Finance and technology is a prominent one. Earlier it was the backend data processing software helping financial institutions to save all data, to facilitate deposits and end-to-end transactions. However, now it is mobile app development that brings banking services at the fingertips of the people. There are many fintech app dev
Weddings can be now planned via an APP!

Yes, you have heard it right.