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Many people often ask what gum disease has to do with diabetes; but, research has proved that when diabetes is not under control, it can lead to the development of periodontal diseases.
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Your dentist might have recommended you to have your wisdom tooth removed, you must be looking at the options to follow the advice, but do you know the different procedures involved in extracting a wisdom tooth.
Dental implants are becoming an increasingly popular choice for people who prefer long-run solutions. Good quality dental implants performed by a skilled team of dental professionals, gives you the much needed boost in terms of convenience, comfort and confidence.
Sedation dentistry is a best way to provide the care and attention that your teeth need to keep them in their finest condition. Those having the fear of visiting the dentist and having a routine oral examination or other procedures are seeing countless benefits of sedation dentistry.
Our risks of developing gum disease increases with age. It is not an unavoidable component of aging. Gum disease is a severe issue that can lead to tooth and bone loss, and it also may results in systemic conditions such as heart disease or diabetes.
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