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What does our heart is creating electrical Avatar
What does our heart is creating electrical
Created by harrybsmith on Dec, 16 2014 with 1 Members

What does our heart is creating electrical and magnetic waves that are influencing the world around us based on what we think in the emotion that we breathe and those starts to create the feeling so now we just define feeling by definition from the Sanskrit tradition is the Union have thought and emotion creates the feeling know makes is really interesting is that those traditions say we are capable only two primary emotions love and whatever we feel the opposite love yes and when you get really deep into the teachings their two aspects to the same thing but what they say is we have are thought we were either breathing the love that's our or our fear about thought to create the feeling in the feeling than the concepts or Jury or compassion or anger those are not emotions those were feelings now for some people to say we'll you know it's its and unit picking what difference could it make and these are the subtle differences between these ancient ways are viewing this Inter technology is literally a technology because we could have the same thought for the same affirmation and imbued with a different emotion and have completely different feelings increase the different a different outcome this is the great secret that was added in Caliber Christian pre-Christian judo Christian traditions we 45 books removed in the fourth century 20 were taken out completely another 25 were condensed in rearranged we know this because we found the information on the Dead Sea Scrolls not come on the library the Coptic the nasty texts so we know with those tax would have said if we had had them but the interesting thing is without those texts we tend to rely upon the written word the validation to feel that.

It's really great to see so many people are Avatar
It's really great to see so many people are
Created by helenrstout on Dec, 15 2014 with 1 Members

It's really great to see so many people are interested in learning more about time neurological conditions in general organisms specifically and I am wanting to you start by mentioning that normal will I'm gunnery to cover types of questions that most my patients have about Parkinson's these are their caregivers may have I’m and if there's some question that don’t reached and think make sure to ask me happy and of course everybody with Parkinson's is a little bit different and so not everything that said in either discussion have Parkinson’s disease can look like or how it's treated as necessary relevant are appropriate for everybody yes it is fair that in mind us so I wanted to I'm a I'm servant guiding principle love the top and me somewhat annoyed by little bit over optimize and Pollyanna so am I like to make sure that my patience leave my office that hope because hope is the one thing that'sgonna key people together in people progressing as they're going for something that's very difficult and challenging like Parkinson’s disease are having a family member with Parkinson's disease so it's going to start with some poetry anew baseball my me hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul and see if the two without the words and never stops at all five so keep that in mind and try to spin my talk a little bit in that regard so just the basics of whatparkinson's disease is um must have you know if the condition that affects the brain at specifically affect the part of the brain that's called the basal ganglia pointed that a sort of purple areas there you can see from the deep part of the brain and the reason why that's important is because the basal ganglia functions like the autopilot up the brain what that means is that an order for us to function in daily life.

This field recognizes and understands Avatar
This field recognizes and understands
Created by annrobryan on Dec, 13 2014 with 1 Members

This field recognizes and understands in the field works in week or real time it doesn't know about a few minutes from the house so he say if you say in your affirmation 20 minutes from now I like my perfect mate to manifest for me now it doesn't know about 20 minutes from now it is a real time application this is why the key this with the ancient saying this is what the monks and nuns towers real time today they say to be Sperry specific about what it is that we're choosing to have in our lives because what we're doing it helps if we understand this what we're doing is in the world of quantum possible in the soup the nebula soup I've all possibilities what we're doing is we're isolating were walking one in the place that we're not specific about what that possibility is that how can the field be specific about what it is that the goods to us whatever it takes to get us to the point we can transcend the limits the laws of physics and biology is we've known them in the past we have a power within us that transcends those lines that were more in our mistakes that were more than the suffering were more than the limits that we believe in the past and that his where I said Wow that really inspires click like blow and then click the linking the description boxsaccharide see we know this we've heard it before your brain runs on glucose you need that short packet a few all took trigger brain activity and wherein native America were actually in North America and North America has a very interesting thing as compared to every other continent except Antarctica and that it is notoriously low in carbohydrates.

I want on a call for her me in a really Avatar
I want on a call for her me in a really
Created by helendgreer on Dec, 12 2014 with 1 Members

I want on a call for her me in a really long time where Impersonally the change of my body in America I know I was changing after about a month because I can't call it my face calm down slightly because my following if you look at my old video but I don't think I for a change Intel start at least four by a change and it may be worth not be feeling a bit down the lineal right do it all its work I have feel any different even though I knew I needed changing what you have to do you have to keep track in the process now that what we're doing for your body she play then eventually Monday which almost but the way just dropped are you might call out me anything I so I want to die I couldn't have something wanted a for me today think portion control okay I’m after everything I like to do it profit the week before and me for the weekend okay salad of grilled chicken breast fashionable Scott compressed potatoes just a few but time has been my favorite food and weight loss I scramble them all out post Bade doll of that bad turkey bacon protein also I'll turkey bacon and my operate it much anything week all started eating ground turkey breast so that's great you can make with ground turkey breast meat balls to make chili become a thing but it loll lean NP I told me from time to time I R output I don't like hi attracting feature think I have been cracked I make my own vinaigrette.

You cans low easy changes in brain Avatar
You cans low easy changes in brain
Created by angelmsmall on Dec, 11 2014 with 1 Members

You cans low easy changes in brain tissue their children imported changes first the formation euro different angles in that you want bottom and there's also Louis body's president house at Chu the formation upbeat at with plaques for me to have one proteins so despite antagonistic Alzheimer’s disease and that's as far as you can go I'll go now I have letter dementia cane caused by out that was but it also can cause bottle keeps disease which is verisimilar to out I'm old but instead date for key partners with a tissue not really but it's fun album boxes now to call the division is our crew field Jacob disease if I was too quickly also known as mad cow disease which is caused by a part like virus not try on is nothing if not approaching and it’s actually about it aids are there also other causes the divisions such as the sub cortical causes Huntington’s Parkinson’s and A's so we talked about other disease and dementia next to look at these other diseases what by what starting with motor neuron disease so more horny or disease I'll also known as ALS which stands for have vitro pica levels for us is around the city uncommon degenerative disorder of both the upper and lower sabbatical toward your arms particularly in the brainstem and spinal cord now basically is a terrible disease for which your arms effects man more that woman as a genetic predisposition according to Kumar out from the pocket Jacob just a disease that the ball Coastal what's on the federal cases are caused by a mutation in the gene in calling for copper zinc and superoxide this UK's or sod1 which is which are both on chromosome 21 now even though the pathogenesis up more and more disease is not very clear the discovery of mutation on the superoxide dismutase gene suggests that make sure some formal injures unfolded protein response which were other factors cause the loss all somatic euro news other access are so next.

You want to try and get most your protein Avatar
You want to try and get most your protein
Created by ginaefrazier on Dec, 10 2014 with 1 Members

You want to try and get most your protein all your vitamins nutrients from your food that's the best source you can possibly get Need year vitamins proteins am crabs all that good stuff from so if you think there's going to go out and buy these supplements that I'm showing your and see a complete change without eating healthy on top a bit it's not going to work that way so with that being said I let me get started Adina turn this camera viewer around okay so let's start off with the protein that I use this is optimum gold standard a hundred percent whey protein now this is a way protein isolate so means that it's a fast ingesting protein so this is going to be the best protein to take right after your workout so within 30 seconds her thirty minutes sorry I love working-out you want to make sure you get your protein into your body to feed those muscles in hell start repairing them um I really like this protein for the fact that it's very high quality whey protein and it also includes over five grams up branch chain amino acids and if I would have known that in the first place I probably wouldn't but is branched chain amino acids but I am basically what branch chain amino acids do is they help re free rebuild the muscle right after award workout they let you work out for longer I am and usually get a better workout with them as well and they're really great for soreness so if you're one of those people who are just starting your workout plan I'm and your getting really sore for the next to three days after your workout then you want to definitely get some branched chain amino acids they'll really help another thing.

She strikes again maybe basically Avatar
She strikes again maybe basically
Created by luzwknudsen on Dec, 9 2014 with 1 Members

She strikes again maybe basically well here age when I look emeritus family I see most incredible lashing people could pen National her you can do near it needs to start working on feeling we're ready and feeling lot love you love you honey and that's what I want to help her out with throughout this year and really forth rest of her life this is just the beginning coming up not sure 365 days in this happen with my family to 898 time to nationality p.m. et queue us anyway see how she looks at one home walking into the way in at California longevity Institute and feely your best but at the same time done this before I've lost weight and I really want to make sure know this once and for all I want me it's the first day of the rest my life now are you ready lied to death row to get your sandals 72 the scale them I feel exposed in that all the shame at all kill different things that push down in my life it's too are all facing me and there's no turning back there's no Heidi it's all out in the open it's literally right from my eyes and have to face it no seen the number pop up on the scale it hurt and it was hard something I have wanted this for a while after lost may first 100 pounds I celebrated play physically put on my body Michael way wear white me it says leave it here 155 pounds stay said I would never and urged know it just here in face every mistake in every cells doubt that I've ever had for so long nightmare she's followed so many diets and she's lost Liang game re and lost me and gave me and she is the queen your guide and just your stock 155 yeah.

I'm going to ever Ronda are and simply Avatar
I'm going to ever Ronda are and simply
Created by juanitajruiz on Dec, 8 2014 with 1 Members

I'm going to ever Ronda are and simply typing in the he you or /urn a L GRT neuron alert you were actually it’s one word but I believe in as I need to type it into or as one I anyway those they are sponsor they are a breeze up man I have reviewed the ingredients in the product you absolutely love it in the interesting thing is because they are our sponsor is parked in idea I wanted to bring to you today and that is just were improving your brain hell so what I did. is I made a list yes that’d going to go over with you right now feel free to implement any or all of the city line you can experience the a bit is I'll improved cognitive function which is %uhabsolutely essential I in my mind anyway and I hope that jurors to well at least you'll remember all of this if you take a the image above its only because it does give you improved confident injury options so the first thing I don't want to talk about is out water hydration drew two glasses of water first thing in the morning you are dehydrated when you first wakeup and everyone is you very few people take your that person morning so I recommend that you do that will hide reach you hydration is a key to brain optimization so that is the first thing I want to do at a drink those two glasses of water I want to do something that may be considered will by many.

If you’re completely inaccurate or surrounding Avatar
If you’re completely inaccurate or surrounding
Created by janllantigua on Dec, 6 2014 with 2 Members

If you’re completely inaccurate or surrounding absolutely nothing bike if any of you had a cast her in period of time noticed significant after three acid extreme case most people interested in that nothing I was asked about his all work out the shoes do similar things if a person wears shoes it's almost like wearing a cast wagon too far off track part of the reason that people when they start wherein I believe you provide fingers have sore feet at first is because their body so accustomed toeing supported by the shoot you kind of access brace foreign doesn't work that does not so sure that your honor as yet probity off-track with a similar thing if your body is completely immobilized for china has never been typically what we find out as people are a lot more windows now cardiovascular or metabolic adaptations come very quickly we can vary very quickly improve somebody’s conditioning there were capacitor cardiovascular metabolic condition of this type of terrain couple weeks we will produce an improvement for this type of training to produce an improvement in your cardiovascular vision so your ability to perform work that you couldn't match with the same number of months of traditionalendurance training if gone with a high level of intensity however when you stop doing it if you're a stock for a couple weeks your window would drop off relatively quickly when you came back he would be just as strong.

When you keep that bowl of fruit loops Avatar
When you keep that bowl of fruit loops
Created by ritapcullen on Dec, 5 2014 with 1 Members

When you keep that bowl of fruit loops in addition to the vitamin C you're also getting a whole lot empty calories a lot of refined sugar some chemical flavoring agent and a lot of things that your body just doesn't needed so if you're tired of being hungry all the time overweight tired and sick then we need to recondition your body's craving mechanism of a modern junk foods in back to the natural healthful foods and before long you're craving mechanism will straighten backup and you'll actually be craving those healthful foods instead so here are a couple of things that mess-up your body's craving mechanism the first thing that can mess up your body’s food craving mechanism is caffeine and if you're a addicted to caffeine you probably feel like you can't live without it you feel like you just cannot start your day without a cup of coffee and sometimes you may even get headaches until you have a soda or energy drink caffeine is want to be easiest drugs to withdraw from ever and its water soluble so your body can actually eliminate this is also why drinking caffeine makes you have to pee it's your body's attempt to eliminate that toxin I'll caffeine withdrawal can cause headaches cravings feeling tired groggy and even feeling depressed and these symptoms can begin anywhere from 12 to 24 hours since your last caffeine intake with the peak intensity occurring at about one to two days but then from there it just starts getting better and better and within a week you should be able to be completely of caffeine with no withdrawal symptoms and no cravings up the second thing is that came mess up.

The Los Angeles Times go she was praised by America’s Avatar
The Los Angeles Times go she was praised by America’s
Created by latoyaslares on Dec, 4 2014 with 1 Members

The Los Angeles Times go she was praised by America’s doctorMehmet Oz on the Oprah Winfrey Show recommended as a vitality food can promote everything including longevity use for thousands of years in Chinese medicine go she has a long history of use for improving many different aspects of human health and according to news reports even superstars like Mick Jigger are using Gobi juice to improve their health feeling good he's Springs people the results are confirming that this is making a difference in people’s lives I've never seen one single product you can do so much for people I was impressed nothing compares to those users Himalayan GojiJuice will help the patient's overall health it's the best works it's great stuff people get results I literally got overnight results within the coaches children love family and coaches use because it tastes absolutely clueless this is a product that virtually everyone would benefit from being I recommend Himalayan Gobi Juice trauma patients all my friends on my family other characters other medical doctors everybody and lame Gobi Juice across-the-board helps people to live abettor quality Himalayan Gobi Juice is the cornerstone of my nutritional program you warning my belief in god she's just seeming when I see with my own two hands I don't need a steady to true to me the code works I know who's but though level leave to actually see its and so much good solid research has been done to got bury it just very reassuring and reinforcing this is the right track thesis where the fuck is this space 1 percent one-year one amazing transformation starts with him my interest now I specialize in basin transformation this right here for sure a system where when it comes tithe morbidly obese every time you tell me.

Where you exercise might use program Avatar
Where you exercise might use program
Created by phyllisaallen on Dec, 3 2014 with 2 Members

Where you exercise might use program has proven to be ineffective measure against by tap it simplistic nature makes easy power which in turn makes it even more effective for many people there are any tricks or gimmicks even though many the bits of advice given you may go against what you spent a lifetime learning look at that as an encouraging to why well for starters most of us follow that advice the UN here of our lives and we are all really fasts consider this a change for the good a new way of thinking the program overall is safe eating whole foods in the Ross for in the most dangerous as is itself inherently say however the workout recommendations me nap prove safe for people are you to work out world who are older who have other special health concerns that said consulting a professional to help you learn how to engage in these kinds of exercises is recommended encouraged until you get the hang in the exercise you do them safely on your own and of course it’s always recommended you talk to your doctor before you begin any kind of new diet and fitness routine to make sure your body can handle the change in go over any special considerations you may need to take before you begin the science behind this program has been used by other diets recently and has shown real results but is it safe nothing gained if nothing try the city there are nutritional science the backs of this program separated from the rest the fasten scams science is say and it's real ID is when you use your body how default to be used the newer shit the way it was meant tube nourished.

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