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You want to try and get most your protein Avatar
You want to try and get most your protein
Created by ginaefrazier on Dec, 10 2014 with 1 Members

You want to try and get most your protein all your vitamins nutrients from your food that's the best source you can possibly get Need year vitamins proteins am crabs all that good stuff from so if you think there's going to go out and buy these supplements that I'm showing your and see a complete change without eating healthy on top a bit it's not going to work that way so with that being said I let me get started Adina turn this camera viewer around okay so let's start off with the protein that I use this is optimum gold standard a hundred percent whey protein now this is a way protein isolate so means that it's a fast ingesting protein so this is going to be the best protein to take right after your workout so within 30 seconds her thirty minutes sorry I love working-out you want to make sure you get your protein into your body to feed those muscles in hell start repairing them um I really like this protein for the fact that it's very high quality whey protein and it also includes over five grams up branch chain amino acids and if I would have known that in the first place I probably wouldn't but is branched chain amino acids but I am basically what branch chain amino acids do is they help re free rebuild the muscle right after award workout they let you work out for longer I am and usually get a better workout with them as well and they're really great for soreness so if you're one of those people who are just starting your workout plan I'm and your getting really sore for the next to three days after your workout then you want to definitely get some branched chain amino acids they'll really help another thing.

She strikes again maybe basically Avatar
She strikes again maybe basically
Created by luzwknudsen on Dec, 9 2014 with 1 Members

She strikes again maybe basically well here age when I look emeritus family I see most incredible lashing people could pen National her you can do near it needs to start working on feeling we're ready and feeling lot love you love you honey and that's what I want to help her out with throughout this year and really forth rest of her life this is just the beginning coming up not sure 365 days in this happen with my family to 898 time to nationality p.m. et queue us anyway see how she looks at one home walking into the way in at California longevity Institute and feely your best but at the same time done this before I've lost weight and I really want to make sure know this once and for all I want me it's the first day of the rest my life now are you ready lied to death row to get your sandals 72 the scale them I feel exposed in that all the shame at all kill different things that push down in my life it's too are all facing me and there's no turning back there's no Heidi it's all out in the open it's literally right from my eyes and have to face it no seen the number pop up on the scale it hurt and it was hard something I have wanted this for a while after lost may first 100 pounds I celebrated play physically put on my body Michael way wear white me it says leave it here 155 pounds stay said I would never and urged know it just here in face every mistake in every cells doubt that I've ever had for so long nightmare she's followed so many diets and she's lost Liang game re and lost me and gave me and she is the queen your guide and just your stock 155 yeah.

I'm going to ever Ronda are and simply Avatar
I'm going to ever Ronda are and simply
Created by juanitajruiz on Dec, 8 2014 with 1 Members

I'm going to ever Ronda are and simply typing in the he you or /urn a L GRT neuron alert you were actually it’s one word but I believe in as I need to type it into or as one I anyway those they are sponsor they are a breeze up man I have reviewed the ingredients in the product you absolutely love it in the interesting thing is because they are our sponsor is parked in idea I wanted to bring to you today and that is just were improving your brain hell so what I did. is I made a list yes that’d going to go over with you right now feel free to implement any or all of the city line you can experience the a bit is I'll improved cognitive function which is %uhabsolutely essential I in my mind anyway and I hope that jurors to well at least you'll remember all of this if you take a the image above its only because it does give you improved confident injury options so the first thing I don't want to talk about is out water hydration drew two glasses of water first thing in the morning you are dehydrated when you first wakeup and everyone is you very few people take your that person morning so I recommend that you do that will hide reach you hydration is a key to brain optimization so that is the first thing I want to do at a drink those two glasses of water I want to do something that may be considered will by many.

If you’re completely inaccurate or surrounding Avatar
If you’re completely inaccurate or surrounding
Created by janllantigua on Dec, 6 2014 with 2 Members

If you’re completely inaccurate or surrounding absolutely nothing bike if any of you had a cast her in period of time noticed significant after three acid extreme case most people interested in that nothing I was asked about his all work out the shoes do similar things if a person wears shoes it's almost like wearing a cast wagon too far off track part of the reason that people when they start wherein I believe you provide fingers have sore feet at first is because their body so accustomed toeing supported by the shoot you kind of access brace foreign doesn't work that does not so sure that your honor as yet probity off-track with a similar thing if your body is completely immobilized for china has never been typically what we find out as people are a lot more windows now cardiovascular or metabolic adaptations come very quickly we can vary very quickly improve somebody’s conditioning there were capacitor cardiovascular metabolic condition of this type of terrain couple weeks we will produce an improvement for this type of training to produce an improvement in your cardiovascular vision so your ability to perform work that you couldn't match with the same number of months of traditionalendurance training if gone with a high level of intensity however when you stop doing it if you're a stock for a couple weeks your window would drop off relatively quickly when you came back he would be just as strong.

When you keep that bowl of fruit loops Avatar
When you keep that bowl of fruit loops
Created by ritapcullen on Dec, 5 2014 with 1 Members

When you keep that bowl of fruit loops in addition to the vitamin C you're also getting a whole lot empty calories a lot of refined sugar some chemical flavoring agent and a lot of things that your body just doesn't needed so if you're tired of being hungry all the time overweight tired and sick then we need to recondition your body's craving mechanism of a modern junk foods in back to the natural healthful foods and before long you're craving mechanism will straighten backup and you'll actually be craving those healthful foods instead so here are a couple of things that mess-up your body's craving mechanism the first thing that can mess up your body’s food craving mechanism is caffeine and if you're a addicted to caffeine you probably feel like you can't live without it you feel like you just cannot start your day without a cup of coffee and sometimes you may even get headaches until you have a soda or energy drink caffeine is want to be easiest drugs to withdraw from ever and its water soluble so your body can actually eliminate this is also why drinking caffeine makes you have to pee it's your body's attempt to eliminate that toxin I'll caffeine withdrawal can cause headaches cravings feeling tired groggy and even feeling depressed and these symptoms can begin anywhere from 12 to 24 hours since your last caffeine intake with the peak intensity occurring at about one to two days but then from there it just starts getting better and better and within a week you should be able to be completely of caffeine with no withdrawal symptoms and no cravings up the second thing is that came mess up.

The Los Angeles Times go she was praised by America’s Avatar
The Los Angeles Times go she was praised by America’s
Created by latoyaslares on Dec, 4 2014 with 1 Members

The Los Angeles Times go she was praised by America’s doctorMehmet Oz on the Oprah Winfrey Show recommended as a vitality food can promote everything including longevity use for thousands of years in Chinese medicine go she has a long history of use for improving many different aspects of human health and according to news reports even superstars like Mick Jigger are using Gobi juice to improve their health feeling good he's Springs people the results are confirming that this is making a difference in people’s lives I've never seen one single product you can do so much for people I was impressed nothing compares to those users Himalayan GojiJuice will help the patient's overall health it's the best works it's great stuff people get results I literally got overnight results within the coaches children love family and coaches use because it tastes absolutely clueless this is a product that virtually everyone would benefit from being I recommend Himalayan Gobi Juice trauma patients all my friends on my family other characters other medical doctors everybody and lame Gobi Juice across-the-board helps people to live abettor quality Himalayan Gobi Juice is the cornerstone of my nutritional program you warning my belief in god she's just seeming when I see with my own two hands I don't need a steady to true to me the code works I know who's but though level leave to actually see its and so much good solid research has been done to got bury it just very reassuring and reinforcing this is the right track thesis where the fuck is this space 1 percent one-year one amazing transformation starts with him my interest now I specialize in basin transformation this right here for sure a system where when it comes tithe morbidly obese every time you tell me.

Where you exercise might use program Avatar
Where you exercise might use program
Created by phyllisaallen on Dec, 3 2014 with 2 Members

Where you exercise might use program has proven to be ineffective measure against by tap it simplistic nature makes easy power which in turn makes it even more effective for many people there are any tricks or gimmicks even though many the bits of advice given you may go against what you spent a lifetime learning look at that as an encouraging to why well for starters most of us follow that advice the UN here of our lives and we are all really fasts consider this a change for the good a new way of thinking the program overall is safe eating whole foods in the Ross for in the most dangerous as is itself inherently say however the workout recommendations me nap prove safe for people are you to work out world who are older who have other special health concerns that said consulting a professional to help you learn how to engage in these kinds of exercises is recommended encouraged until you get the hang in the exercise you do them safely on your own and of course it’s always recommended you talk to your doctor before you begin any kind of new diet and fitness routine to make sure your body can handle the change in go over any special considerations you may need to take before you begin the science behind this program has been used by other diets recently and has shown real results but is it safe nothing gained if nothing try the city there are nutritional science the backs of this program separated from the rest the fasten scams science is say and it's real ID is when you use your body how default to be used the newer shit the way it was meant tube nourished.

I want to see that would be huge Avatar
I want to see that would be huge
Created by ashleylbrown on Dec, 2 2014 with 3 Members

I want to see that would be huge and I'll be honest with you I think that there were times this year that I think the guys going to do a final weighing with you I didn't know if you're willing even ready to consume a lot of this process get a half boy was I wrong and boy am I glad meet if gets on the scale cashier at for Jason a year ago you stepped on the scale anyway 362 pounds here we are one year later you're ready to take that final step I am from a friend go ahead stepped on the scale the because these I just don't feel they ‘rein mastodon so us pie thoughts concerns salsa below 200 that was my goal because never ever thought is that my life so that's all I want to see yeah sketch in scraps all right here alright home shield Ste by slow is a long year but it's been worth it especially look at that I'm just really glad they finally leaving yourself to it you had it in you on you never stop this is possible that much is true to admit that you're good at this Inane hear you say I want to hear you yell IKEA Ford hello huh yes scientists analogy I miss you floss over 300 pounds together and you ‘rerunning circles around two kits which is just incredible deceits our friends along Martin they've been following your story and they were so inspired by everything that you too have fun together they want to put together a ill something for you San Springer I'm going to get you guys up here yeah okay sweat Ste chases your text acts so for better its teach the kids on the educational tablets that are hard some rats smell is that often they want to make sure you guys are decked out with the latest and greatest technology so they're giving each of the last slow you sets we're not done just yet wall-mart is also giving these twenty-five thousand dollar gift cards one for each yield stories spent 30 years to come oh my god you around with everything we've done especially the fact that you change yourself not just for yourself but for your famcigarettes the end of next year I would like to feeling that such hypocrite as a mother to actually show them other eat right and exercise insider just tell them .

You have to use a sewing machine even Avatar
You have to use a sewing machine even
Created by taratapi76 on Dec, 1 2014 with 1 Members

You have to use a sewing machine even barber s a great example we've learned over here so if you doing bent over borrowing mythic is keeping my eyes are almost done it before devilish you borrow for CSU before you bend over and got that far qualified step straight yeah for good US is bomb it here's the address it was good yeah July 15 justice belts just a picture if now want to keep pulling out what I want you slowly bend over let you going to Metro people yet so she fuel tensions ships now it's come here yeah it's going to begonia you don't you don't you don't know what's going here yet UK period that's really feel never get a chance to make a draw. the wine elite prospect overrule feel good about it love going to bar people for 14 on are special day for mo ha-ha p it's nice to you I'm was probably 20from BART he's making it hard for himself and that's what you can build muscle you don't make things easy for someone harm good to hear us and given many incest with that feels for all the walk back spot like crazy for it felt like going to see if all goes you can't turn away redo shooting as you're increasing the amount toward yeah about tension in muscle not be my way because I'm obviously your body is no idea what we do you prefer that said like mesa communication in terms of tensioner12 you crazy increase me about working muscle which is thereby decreasing much strain stress from Tomas your muscles like 10 the whole time and it was shortened and Nathan but all the attention rights it's ok me what it is how we play stench you want to play Caveat and pictures continuous-time tension so there's longer must time under church.

I have this arm you'll see a lot of people standing Avatar
I have this arm you'll see a lot of people standing
Created by bakabani76 on Nov, 29 2014 with 1 Members

I have this arm you'll see a lot of people standing just hours and hours in the gym omega you find I mean is it necessary to stand you know all those hours in the gym to build muscle or what's been your experience metal thing tire say it's yes all of her quality I guys in the bathroom after seven minutes a Hall for I have clients who are they read on our workouts I said the only a one-hour sessions I said offered all787 Ashes that's all he did that day I you took the most salient exhaust most guys do not rank anywhere most guys Salem cut metal failure ad as failure as a 95 percent guys image and only get closer true physical failure and got it last traded won a Best Buy dollars in the world Backhouse use literally me we can I sets of America failure magnet KK yea its business oftentimes he's made you take 80 more rest where when I call quelques and I read it never desman he was standing there so yeah power yeah I mean I had that experience you know I was our Owen worked out at the agenda Powerhouse Gym in downtown Tampa and I want to traders take me through ale workout that was just I mean it was just the most incredible leg workout I ever had just fell you know my muscles being stimulated in areas that never thought possible and it was all due to having that coach there you know he was there to push me into do the extra reps and houses it was just kind of crazy you know he's telling me to do you know 5 10 15 more wrap something came and how am I going to keep going but you know he was there apish to reach not saying you know after I was done with the late workout you know so I can walk for a week you know when I said his office he was tell me okay I have to go home take a cold shower take a couple ibuprofen San out a white man even after doing all those things are still was it was just us yeah.

Weight lose Supplement Avatar
Weight lose Supplement
Created by manubali76 on Nov, 28 2014 with 1 Members

State University he's published more than 30 scientific papers and health 12 patents welcome doctor morning she we also have a break and L chief product officer for free like international mister handout has been in the nutrition industry for over 30 years and holds numerous US patents for novel delivery technologies to improve the absorption and bioavailability of nutrients in the human body thank you so much for joining us racket’s great to be here word is certainly getting out about Gobi Chiefs it on the news everyday out why is that it's one of those cultural phenomena that happen every so often in the nutrition arena people start drinking Gobi Juice fantastic results and they want to share it with everyone they know it’s all passed by word of mouth plus a lot of celebrities in many world class athletes are using it and they're raving about it using it on a daily basis set certainly adds to the appeal okay let’s talk about the significance of this new study it's a very significant study the gojiberries been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine for its health-promoting properties in fact it's the most potent health food that they know and in recent years it's gotten tremendous popularity around the world going to do my acting contain the purest form and Yuma been by yet to give you that more it way this possible good you happy word a three-way Eared appetite so you're less like it is now it burns you right back its bit lee your blood sugar level naturally increasing your energy good United land from India happy even and food as an appetite suppressant for 100 years it clinically proven to be 100 percent they died right re to learn all that bad taw that pithy that not be napping so outcome or click on the link below.

How to remove your wrinkles Avatar
How to remove your wrinkles
Created by evonneprami13 on Nov, 27 2014 with 1 Members

If your skin is really dry you may be able to skip this step I just think you should still at least in the island’s to prepare for a high shadow and downtown Los and usually around that she and her forehead records oil leak now I'm initially with are Lemaitre fancy pants powder this and just like the dust on here it down loll Laurentian little more and maybe sleep little access onto this I a little extra trip also if you want to have your application and your powder instead using how to brush which is going to be the lightest levees application Oliver take a sponge actually get the powder and then you're going to press it onto the skin that's going to give you much better coverage and a much Wrack look where addresses the media really like and just light dusting on the cover now step number six is what I like to call Born touring and hear anybody else unit the ground I we’re some not to worry is basically grounding in conquering in one and anyone if she isn't almanac color for this debt so dressed stars nine is a the Revlon photo ready Bronson sheik it's at four different colors that you can mix together and apply also what I like to do it I just like to get a kind it's a few shades darker this e-studio cared when pressed powdering dark I just like this because it's a couple shades darker than my natural skin tone so I will show you on this site I'm just basically going to go back over and reinforce and lock in the color its all about layering so I'm just going to blend this really gently am also willing to go on the outer part the eye me take my breast cancer wish down and go on the site the nose so every area way basically and the contouring.