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How to remove dark circles Avatar
How to remove dark circles
Created by gloriaawitt on May, 15 2014 with 1 Members

I you we have Lake you know difference perhaps so what she needed to you is just sleep rest even during the day it really helps taper the monolayer go out don't fit into in there in the area just you know I held doing nothing just go for a lot because usually wear inside the rooms and there is no and fresh air only conditioners and this is really not get so please do at this helps your skin you don't like elastic I'm food so depending what shouldn't the UK have for different problems P Anna fast-food Hill death only have last path Antoine support and therefore am more fruits more vegetables it's really create and you should also use am by no means eight-b_ he D&D so and by 10 8 years so I really great for growth and renewal of the skin cellsesta vitamin B it fair promoting I like cared and fairness at the scam s2c then Nan like care it's really great for tear on and Cellist City and d development skin cells are fiercely and E and helps maintain healthy skin tissue so please do and a it's really great a few elected asp that hurt that some people may have happened because I have fun thanks to me being armed Terry Canaan Gary am skinny a sorry and locations even undead and done and the cast ballots chests have and done different make you know experiment in the Hat an outfit at if you change the current case three-day you can have less and breakouts like 30 20 person it's really a lot actually cell if you really have like fag skin especially if it's like you know yet we have had and it's like not fat wheeling.

Develop your muscle Avatar
Develop your muscle
Created by meganlpeck on May, 14 2014 with 1 Members

I'm ok out ok cell at the top here I am going to write muscle whole muscle in my home also what I'm referring to islet's say the biceps muscle that lives right on the front my humorous okay this whole muscle group right here yes we magnify that and look inside loops the next thing we're going to encounter is that it's organized into baths that calls have to check my spelling alright inside fascicles are individual must follow fibers and remember muscle fibers and muscle cells mean the same thing and we're talking about this gain do muscles here once we get inside a muscle fiber constantly losing my little red marker here we go ok we are going to encounter my all by brills’ these are protein fibers within the cell there are two types mile five rules are made up on mile filaments see how the AM words just get a little much here there are two types of mild elements that make up mile fiber alls Acton and myosin then in thick acting years then and miles and is that and that's just describing physically the diameter of these fibers that they make time now as we go through some this material. You might need to ground yourself and say okay where MRI make because we're going to magnify the inside all on the muscle cell we're going to look very detailed at the structure the mile filaments the act in their relationship with acting myosin because that's how we're going to explain how muscles contract I want to talk with a sliding filament theory is muscle contraction in order to have a meaningful discussion about that we need to understand that if the acting and myosin are making up the smile filaments mom Mooney cell how we doing you with me grant goods so let me just go back to make sure I didn’t miss anything your cell where magnifying we’re going to look inside arm the muscle cell to explain muscle contractions microscopic anatomy of a skeletal muscle fiber Bay are from lender call cells and if you think about the hamstring okay on the back to the lake that muscle that football players arm very often injure they absent patch somewhere up here on the boot and them down here Anthony muscle cells. I Trump are the in the entire length that muscle group okay so some of them are ohm very long so they are 10 to 100 micrometers 1/1000 at millimeter in diameter so they're very narrow but up to 30 centimeters long a centimeter omega it's about on 2.54 interests that makes it now centimeter is about a half an inch okay that's easiest way for me to describe it stall we could say that some muscle cells are 15 inches long and that those would be the muscles in your ohm the back near I pretty long that's why they need more than one nucleus because that sell the cytoplasm a bestseller so long one nucleus cannot orchestrate everything that needs to be made in control in that muscle cell there are many me to Cindery a as we get into this chapter we will talk about muscle metabolism and very often the muscles cell spends allot of time making ATP because that Markowitz going to fuel muscle contraction the air are these vesicle like structures membrane-bound structures called like the songs that store glycogen that’s going to be the energy source to make ATP on the protein my a blowgun is also found inside muscle cells that is the molecule that binds oxygen for storage in the muscles to make ATP aerobically.

How to take care of your skin with Miracle Avatar
How to take care of your skin with Miracle
Created by traisyoung on May, 12 2014 with 1 Members

I do to help my life like the situation which I will also help you situation I reckon it's time to get checked to the bathroom is going to be looks fun is going to 10 doctorate to do I was there and shopping lives Bible preaching want to I'm just talking down a summit currency really need to get my glasses so I can actually see a funny grain like right there and writing is like officially right now said is probably like that appearance but we I don't know I don't mean this videos there a fabulous so I yeah I'll show you what I in line for this situation African don’t stop antimony the shower so shall you do you need tube using some sort of I A exfoliate on your face and probably already know I'm not a huge fan of using rainy scrubs always ha six volumes because it doesn't actually your tight any acne happen you files I fast things can easily I flakiness and dryness from fine spy when I am yeah cs5 okay I'm yeah out I sorry J want to use I for all I was not so hot chicks all UN staff really matter friend is one yet little particles in it onto hot acting s probably want anyone to look for it was something that ultra gentle wait a little particles Avery very fine niceties probably cost shallow thanks allot can't get any like yes our I don't have any here the Clarisonic whole lot any on Iola all exfoliating brush they can get the relies a device on the market the.

How to remove your wrinkle Avatar
How to remove your wrinkle
Created by normajchavez on May, 10 2014 with 1 Members

I'm working on your skin if you're a girl while gently go or underarms and get that I'm a goofball okay got a little bit into your hairline okay and for guys you really want to use the power in your hands and hands massage or facial hair cut that of our call her call theirs in the oil comes out there see below things that are not going to the UN KC-one your hands you there don't go around her fingernails in trying to scrape by your skin does use your hands and let us unwilling to us years old when I saw such okay I'm going to everything is getting get okay I'm do a quick rinse way now that's all it is this is another really important step you really use the clean towel can talk here talking about me more than two these two half-days what happens is that all users how and gets wet and dry eyes wet and dry is arguably up you're not more than that to really can't see more known better you can see own how So what we're going to do majeure ace is very gently part dealer gently pastor base to drive not strong anymore Robin we're just problem her skin because we don’t want to be spreading around that stop on your Times Leader tell it was newt our don't have to be too concerned but in general your doesn't screw your face in the dry scratchy to okay let's do it again don't use calls for decently in these now two or three times a week I will exfoliate my face with a wash call I do not purchase crops okay sometimes.

How to lose your weight Avatar
How to lose your weight
Created by amykandrews on May, 9 2014 with 1 Members

It my little sports bra and a thong most laws go there and you know so little the underwear adjust not feel self-conscious about anything and invited to a place where I live there and it's amazing because he loves it I love it you know we're reaping the benefits here thank God for Murray as for stretch marks go I'm you know I have a whole video dedicated to loving yourself regardless the stretch mark says something that I honestly to me is more than anything a huge thing for me motive on loving yourself post pregnancy because I know that for not taking didn't search works honey there something that are there they happen up they don't really go away ever Instill got me I'll show you that I want to scare nobody you know I still got home and there'll always be there I feel like I'm at one point I was very self-conscious about it but it's not I mean it's my weight I can control stretch marks the fact that there the fact that they can I never physically get there to go away without service or surgery I can't control that so don't worry about it and military will stretch marks you know be subconscious does just something that I think you look kind of have to come to terms with on what I've noticed his works for me is for speeding them is doing a lot of exfoliating I'm just like sugar scrub sugar olive oil slicks that together do little scrap exfoliating cause you to have to make asking so that's helped feed them a lot also out popping vitamin E capsules and putting the just right onto your belly that has also helped me a lot but otherwise they fade over time will never be completely gone us but you know I think when. I think I love the fact that you know my stretch marks have tax forth president had paid Rs have my kids SKS to me so you know I hope that answers your question is versatile so least how do you cheat and then workout I get so bored with diet food how can I change that I keep FB I you just you got to do something about it diet food it's not really a diet you could have to get your son %uh that mindset it's just it's a lifestyle change know that you hear that a lot but it’s to show you this it's how it's not diet because a diet is temporary a lifestyle change something that's going to how to make the change that is gonnacontinue to maintain its so you know you get used to it I would say that the first month is honestly the hardest because you’re not seeing a lot of change your not use to you know getting up to working out you’re not used to not having those hoses Twinkies does McDonald's fries Awe all love scared I'm gonna use to it so give yourself about 21 days my promise your taste buds starts change you'll start to feel better yields want to work at it takes 21 days to make habits and once you make it a habit of working out it's it’s just you'll 11 will become it gets easier draw get easier how did you lose weight around the stomach area that's why I need help did you have to love handles that's been really big problem for me so I would say that I'm you can't really target your weight loss and that you can do more things to kind of Tony but you can't really choose where she 10 is late some people lose weight and it’s all in their tummies some people this way they keep their billion is their knowledge.

Improve Muscle with Beta Force Muscle Avatar
Improve Muscle with Beta Force Muscle
Created by idawrosa on May, 8 2014 with 1 Members

I'll here much obliged really touched on one week from now's scene of Live huge you something you need to look changed are you need distinctive L I'm time still what had the effect to me go alone here that is all my facebookfans on you comprehend what you folks won the Oscar genius juicer better house PA distributed encounter extensive with introduce Monte next Monday at 7 p.m. Easter click Subscribe so you don't miss a solitary scene keep in mind to demonstrate to some adoration and click like & Share catch he was that gentleman does Mike today I gottaalso shoulder workout as bet of your shoulders %um pleasant and wide bit where am I finishing in four activities Iran be utilizing a system I call by 10 sets fundamentally five sets for every activity we're going to rest ten seconds in the middle of each one set so the force is get me through thereof its heading off to its going to be a marvelous workout so before we get to that I need to impart to you the book and I'm perusing overall preferred book I'm listening to for the month and hear it out on perceptible advertisement remarks called The seven Habits Highly Effective People I've been getting into the propensity of listening to a read-aloud pre-recorded book each and every month this read-aloud pre-recorded book is one that really listen to about four to five years prior and the motivation behind why I'm rehashing an or religious thing to in now is on account of it was such an influential booking a change such a variety of things throughout my life that I feel like.

Weight lose with Yacon Root Max Avatar
Weight lose with Yacon Root Max
Created by traciejburks on May, 7 2014 with 1 Members

When you not exercising but of course there's some concerns that we have about my cares program so we've gone ahead and done the work for you if tested out the truth about six pack abs program and it outlined the best in the worst aspects this program so that you can decide it's the right belly fat burning program for you so what's in the program the page you’re seeing at the moment is the download page the program so that it proves that I have purchased and use the program myself okay so therefore separate components to this program there easy File they are The Truth About Six Pack Abs main program the main eBook and the entirety of the program is right here this book provides everything from workout and nutrition recommendations as well as what really works in terms of what you need to do to accelerate your body's ability to burn belly fat then there's a special unannounced bon chicory on what to never eat ape you work out and as you can see thesis a thirty nine-page report that shows information on what you should not eat right after work out this report is valued at $24.99 mike is giving it to you absolutely freehand then with get the free bonus is here the five keys to guarantee fat loss him lines created this DVD in his offered you for free team is one of the trainers from seasons3&4 CBS's The Biggest Loser reality television show the second bonus is a 4m power fast fitness ideas might carry gives you an additional resource that helps you overcome the largest and most recall we stumbled upon block that we all ace when attempting to change our lifestyles going back to old habits this resource will keep.

Improve your muscle with Max Muscle Blast Avatar
Improve your muscle with Max Muscle Blast
Created by edithcbrink on May, 6 2014 with 1 Members

It yourself much the same as throughout the routes in which you like go heavier most dire outcomes imaginable go lighter most noticeably bad case now I simply an additional set more don't work objectives signal great there the well Hula affirm so for dole methods insult Delta now who kill me now alright situated shoulder presses as your last nibble him say we should do it for great the go great on go high temperature to come you doing with me great compose up however structured my stabilizer muscles going to done debilitated that is the reason for a lightweight and utilizing press up with really simple not a lot of exertion not just was it felt really overwhelming additionally nailed hard stabilize on the grounds that I think it less they like the most last three activity approve now yet in seconds showcase by go yet go gentleman backtrack to 3 far to stay 7 a he primed and 30 great on ho 74 what to 3 for line the page now there for farewell the yet house in a blaze pie and by we r finished there goes your monstrous shoulder home workout man this workout de ping glace shoulders matching and you're not going to play poop yet utilizing substantial weight keeping your location times truly short thusly you can assemble assistants size work and cardiovascular and likewise realize that this hyper this Hyderabad this have a preparation procedures do if. I can send can really deal with a ton diverse rundown keep in mind got on top obviously last Mike look at that book seven Habits of Highly Effective People those propensities truly bail me out hits book bail me out numerous years back remember those 3 1/2that was about downpour starting be proactive say can get things going upbeat as a primary concern this we know which heading Togo in and additionally put the first things blast so thusly you can finish the most paramount things in be that much closer to your objective so look at that bookies truly changed my life I consider everything the time underhandedness and don't work out do in my day by day routine have been distinctive in light of this book in light of the fact that this book I've had the ability to go-ahead inquiry the tally they have you for instance putting being down porn to be carried out blast that is the reason I began chipping away at the morning time on the grounds that I might go for the duration of the day rationally I don't get my workout after a couple of days a week or thereabouts about molding our methods I got to get go into its own particular huge like that called me to feel free to change the way I do things for the duration of the day and everything a week so look at book I trust I helped no doubt it def be accomplished for me the do time on this present week's scene of extensive here yougonna watch one of my preparation accomplices do twisted over lines simply truly really tech here so modify yes inclined show house yet what's up fellows are truly hot espresso for his we're going to discuss to pick diverse methodologies you can take to building muscle yes party simply festival had thank my guardians for being hey them stirred squad thin 210 on some strong muscle Del Monte is presently living vast and out at the exercise center thus would you be able to got some more footage for you from the21 day quick mass building program here you going to watch one of my preparation accomplices do bowed over columns he's got some truly great procedure here.

Weight lose with Safer Colon Avatar
Weight lose with Safer Colon
Created by marygsmith1 on May, 3 2014 with 1 Members

Hi def talk to carry ad consuming 200grams car today but crazy I know car honey loaded time now I only consider 120 grams or less car usually 189 120 by la carte basically all protein from teenage try close to 100 grams of protein a day I can’t heart but I do try it back trying but 30 grant hundreds more watched door find fact that bad I just sites are going to the gym between three and five times a week poly their week for one three-time four-time hard to do start on the ellipse call I that it was high-impact not for me so that I to write on the time baby I'm of the way it through trial of the triathlon running for started the jam and I’m looking at right now I'm never gonna forget to let only she went to Wall 13.5 miles an hour freely brisk walk admixed record pay me hi it's hard to catch a 5kprogram that high cost of running and I'm think back of high intensity interval training okay fair statement I warm-up for the French Cooper I have inactive form of an hour and alternate midday Brad the walking 3.5 offspring for a minute 6.5 of an hour now I'm going to get micro to calm my heart rate down for that a hey you want how they are great like crazy from minute to minute and a half recovery period every I really want me from a stationary bike only fifty-minute stop doing high intensity interval training on the bike think big all midday really hard peddling I imply really for many break down for minute concert on the elliptical do the Stairmaster which family here cashier killer do be wait I do want to do more weight training now closer my call for our way for Michael 200-pound my main goal is to lose back you go finish up for the latter dost thou card files I want on a call for her me in a really long time where Impersonally the change of my body in America I know I was changing after about a month because I can't call it my face calm down slightly because my following if you look at my old video but I don't think I for a change Intel start at least four by a change and it may be worth not be feeling a bit down the lineal right do it all its work I have feel any different even though I knew I needed changing what you have to do you have to keep track in the process now that what we're doing for your body she play then eventually Monday which almost but the way just dropped are you might call out me anything I so I want to die I couldn't have something wanted a for me today think portion control okay I’m after everything I like to do it profit the week before and me for the weekend okay salad of grilled chicken breast fashionable Scott compressed potatoes just a few but time has been my favorite food and weight loss I scramble them all out post Bade doll of that bad turkey bacon protein also I'll turkey bacon and my operate it much anything week all started eating ground turkey breast so that's great you can make with ground turkey breast meat balls to make chili become a thing but it loll lean NP I told me from time to time I R output I don't like hi attracting feature think I have been cracked I make my own vinaigrette to Carmike.

Weight lose with Bio Health Garcinia Cambogia Avatar
Weight lose with Bio Health Garcinia Cambogia
Created by jeandjackson12 on May, 2 2014 with 1 Members

I'm hi sleep I'm suit against Reading downing you incorrect I'm time now if your pressure is now on the road ferry you're gonna be tired if take a lot of work and I'm no you're not felt and easy to break just cannot believe you Sally call from the first second done today salary like this one ok right now spry I'm figures you know whether our Sundays you can't control what from you you'regonna have to do more in what you thought we were doing everyday that's what life is from my everybody's I decide that in my separates him from everybody else is a member spirit hold back to you to get to the end you have to just all you ever do is fix he's ready you process I want you can do it you're so much more powerful than you think you are you just have to believe in yourself agency that good Sally you can do it 3 to wine go month first album quest for such its goods from an icy record Sally hunt first what's 136 much value by good you got find it fast good 140 till those businesses 146 LA 147 Sally first victory 152 Valley so that's how KS value she pushed herself so hard and that’s why shortly after the workout I wanted to show her bushy was at 335 pounds there's something the bush outside Kumar if we're gonna actually do this thing I would like to have really good after picture to go with that before but more than anything don't stop don't give up self-respect as well as the health and bottom line last fall the looks it all those that matter because you won’t be here if you don't do this remember free your mind your ass will follow you youth I have I'm never going back never going back you know.

Weight lose with Zen Cleanse Avatar
Weight lose with Zen Cleanse
Created by joycejsimpson on May, 1 2014 with 1 Members

I'll fruit and vegetables fruit super important to get I was very lucky I only fast-evolving I like to take up that much maybe for me feeling proud I would I have to be the best wait what ha-ha with matter but now I didn’t get for I need for last I would pass either for to call and small achieve actually cheat cut I like chief and me if I out a homicide for alternate scrambling thank you evened it for dinner from chicken breasts are happy with the turkey and be or I carrying I'm just free tactic a lot of you guys one crappykinda hard to remember off the top of my head I post on my wall my blog link down below I want the whole post on my blog built-in mica party should be enjoyed how cookie have brownie when you want it like for me for starred successfully calorie counting on my power feel guilty I mean while I you can't have cookie when you want to or you know something like that while he didn’t make it back walk not gonna make You Conway just like getting my house me know if gonna make you skinny you go out to dinner you don't have to keep a healthy thing on the menu I'm burger and fries okay I wanted their of artist E Lockhart even more start and how the property six months to live the ball the way forth past month I was really bad happened at the gym much about like to buy don't know the way hi well way by in my only me erasure & like Mike my I down I lost weight probably definitely stomach area I know I want different man generally tend to lose their stuff last does my want to be and still working on that I'd rather than last year my has definitely slowed down a lot on my way flying I haven't actually now okay faces I’ll awfully prime yeah.

How to take care of skin Avatar
How to take care of skin
Created by nancymhite on Apr, 30 2014 with 1 Members

I ever made that was the best investment I could have made an arm you know as you can see now my skin is clearer by in using the acne that our graduation my skin started to clear up within the first week I was getting noticeable results and even you know my friends my family everybody started commenting tell me oh my god Houston clearing up what are you doing what are you using and I was excited to tell everybody it was the regimen from acne that or the website gives step-by-step instructions on how to use it but basically you start off with the cleanser an arm you're only supposed to put it on for like 10 seconds and then you wash it off you have to be very gentle they say don’t scrub your face because that's what irritates your skin and after that are you pat dry use can you wait for it to dry a little bit and then you put on ohm the treatment which isbenzoyl peroxide and then you wait for that to drive they say usually given about 15 minutes just because you want to make sure that your skin is really dry and then on top of the year benzoylperoxide you apply the moisturizer an after that you pretty much said if youwanna wear makeup you can put it on over the moisturizer after dry by it's a little hard to do that because the one thing that I will point out about the regimen it makes your skin really dry initially and it starts peeling and I it's really flaky but that's kind of how it works is designed to dry out your acne and ultimately kill it saw it does make it difficult if youwanna wear makeup on top that I did anyway.