Satya Cashew Chemicals (P) Ltd is the leading manufacturer and exporter of cardanol, friction dust, phenolic liquid resins used in coatings, resin and friction material industries.
SCCPL is a cashew nutshell liquid versatile by product of the Cashew industry innumerable applications, such as heavy duty coatings, laminates, marine coatings, phenolic liquid, rcnsl, anti-corrosion epoxy paints multichemical products avalibles on our industry.

We Offer good quality Cashew Nut Shell Liquid & friction material, refinedcnsl, phenolic liquid, polyurethane, antioxidants, as one of the leading manufacturer & exporters of our products varied needs of the customers globally.

Satya Cashew Chemicals (P) Ltd., products are used in applications where safety, environmental concern & protection are a key criterion. Cardanol is used in surface coatings, epoxy, varnishes, paints, printing inks, phenolic resins, rubber compounding, lacquers, laminates, friction materials, and adhesives.

SCCPL products of brake Lining Industry as it provides the requisite characteristics of a straight phenolic along with increased flexibility.


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